Phone Calls

Hearing each other's voice can tell you more than looking at a thousand pictures! Hear her lovely voice and pretty laugh over the phone to know if she’s the one! You can place a phone call reservation by visiting Phone calls – New at the bottom of your service list. Simply type your lady's ID number, select your time zone and enter date and time you'd like a phone call to take place. Your phone number and email will help us to get in touch with you if we have some questions or need to reschedule a phone call. You will have to confirm that you have 35 credits available on your account, but none of your credits will be withdrawn until the phone call is completed. You will be charged 3.5 credits/minute. Please make sure to discuss the best time and date for a call with each other. And do not forget about the time difference!

    How it works:
  • Reservation should be made 48 hours before planning date and time of the phone call.
  • Fill out the form in your profile under Phone calls – New or contact our customer support to get assistance.
  • After we confirm requested date and time with the lady – you will receive confirmation email. If lady is not available for the phone call – you will receive email with new suggested time.
  • After phone call is confirmed, our customer support will be waiting for your phone call. Please use our phone number at scheduled time and you will be connected with the lady and her interpreter if needed.
  • If you are running late and not able to call – we allow up to 15 minutes delay from time, we expected your phone call. If phone call did not take place – your order will be canceled and you will have to schedule new one.
  • You should have at least 35 credits available for the phone call, which will cover 10 minutes of the service.
  • Your account will not be charged until phone call is completed.
  • You will be disconnected if you do not have sufficient funds on your account to cover next minute of the call.